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March 21, 2018





  • NC Democrats made history by putting a Democrat on the ballot in every single NC House and Senate district.
    • Our goal from the beginning was to recruit a candidate in every district to build a strong statewide party.
    • Thanks to a diverse slate of quality candidates every North Carolina voter – for the first time ever – will have a choice in this year’s election.
  • This unprecedented result shows the strength of the NC Democratic Party and the growing enthusiasm among Democratic voters and candidates.
  • This is the first time all 170 districts have had a Democratic candidate in recent memory.
    • In 2016, a presidential year, Democratshad candidates in 92 House districts and 38 Senate districts.
    • In 2014, the most recent midterm, Democrats had candidates in 87 House districts and 38 Senate districts.
    • In 2010, the previous midterm, Democrats had candidates in 91 House districts and 39 Senate districts.
  • This is one of the most diverse fields of candidates ever assembled by either party.
    • Among the full slate, 77 are female (59 in the House, 18 in the Senate) and 71 are people of color (49 in the House, 22 in the Senate).
    • Additionally, there are six LGBT candidates running in the House
  • This historic announcement comes after the party announced it is in the best position ever heading into a midterm election, starting 2018 with a record $2.4 million cash on hand.
  • Democrats across North Carolina are engaged, energized, and ready to break the supermajority and return common sense to North Carolina.
  • Democrats will also be on the ballot in 12 of the 13 Congressional races, have a top-tier Supreme Court candidate in Anita Earls, and are contesting county commission and sheriff races across the state.





  • Republican lawmakers raided a $57.8 million fund meant to bring jobs and economic opportunity to Eastern North Carolina.
  • The Atlantic Coast Pipeline Fund would be a game-changer for Eastern North Carolina by making it easier to connect to natural gas hookups.
    • Farmers across Eastern North Carolina could use the inexpensive natural gas from the pipeline to keep their animals and greenhouses warm, instead of expensive alternatives like propane.
  • Without the Atlantic Coast Pipeline Fund, connecting to the ACP will be difficult and expensive, making it harder for local businesses to benefit from the pipeline.
  • Republicans attacked the fund for solely political reasons, threatening jobs in Eastern North Carolina.
  • Our jobs and economic security should come before political grandstanding in Raleigh. Republican lawmakers must stop attacking the fund, and start looking out for the needs of their constituents.





  • Our children deserve to feel safe when they attend school each day. We can take action and make the changes necessary to protect them.
  • Governor Cooper has proposed a set of common sense gun reforms that we can all agree on including banning bump stocks, raising the assault weapon purchasing age to 21, strengthening background checks, and introducing red-flag laws.
  • Giving guns to America’s teachers is absolutely not the answer to the country’s school shooting problem.The last thing our children’s classrooms need is more guns.
    • Our teachers are already responsible for the immense task of educating our kids. It’s absurd for Republicans to suggest that our educators should have to add security and active shooter threat response to their résumés.
  • Americans are sick of this charade. The vast majority of Americans support common-sense gun reforms to ensure a tragedy like the Parkland school shooting never happens again.
    • 68 percentof Americans want stricter gun laws, with several recent polls showing record-high support for tightening gun laws.
  • It’s high time Republicans come to the table on real, common-sense gun reforms.





  • Cambridge Analytica should be thoroughly investigated in light of news that it illegally obtained the personal data of millions of Facebook users.
  • North Carolinians deserve to know whether the Tillis campaign and the NC GOP utilized illegally obtained data.

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